Chrisitan interracial dating

We have a blast enjoying our various styles of worship and listening and at the same time exposing our children to both.We've also discovered that we are quite the same.We are learning to lay down our lives, die to ourselves, love each other, learn from each other, and build each other up. We are learning to overcome sin and bear with one another.Our relationship may look different from the outside, but on the inside God's Spirit dwells within us; therefore, we are very much the same.What was important was whether we were glorifying God in our marriage through our relating to one another.By the grace of God, our marriage did not remain in an uncertain state. As the Kellers explain, "The gospel of Jesus and marriage explain one another …Just last year, a church in Kentucky barred an interracial couple from worshipping together (that ban was eventually overturned due to widespread outrage).

The reason that marriage is so painful and yet wonderful is because it is a reflection of the gospel, which is painful and wonderful at once." Knowing this made it more exciting to begin to learn about each other and put into practice agape (service) love. But what we've learned to do is enjoy God's creativity in making us unique by learning about each other's cultures and embracing our differences.

Even our personalities are at two different extremes. Tim and Kathy Keller explain the phenomenon in their book The Meaning of Marriage: "If your purpose in marriage was to acquire a 'soul mate'—a person who would not change you and would supportively help you reach your life goals—then this particular reality of marriage will be deeply disorienting.

You wake up to the realization that your marriage will take a huge investment of time just to make it work.

We had work to do to get to know each other, and many of our confusions were rooted in the fact that we were so culturally different.

My husband and I joke that we are the reasons for the black and white stereotypes out there.

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Though this viewpoint exists, Evangelicals are not against interracial marriage. For example, John Piper not only advocates interracial marriage in his book ; he has taken the time to preach about the topic.

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