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However, a video was released yesterday that made me put these reservations aside and realise that this issue is so big and urgent that I need to stop being hung up on conserving the image of the friendly vegan and just tackle this problem head on.The video features undercover footage taken from a British, Red Tractor ‘Quality Assured’ farm in Norfolk (though Compassion in World Farming have recently spoken out about the deceptiveness of the Red Tractor logo).If you can’t When I see these images, I feel appalled, devastated, and heartbroken. Astounded that anyone I know can watch this video and not consider switching to a vegetarian diet. I realised that I needed to understand the thoughts of someone I love and respect who eats meat.As I’ve said before, this isn’t a situation complicated by politics, governments, war, or drought – this is a simple exchange of money for meat. I wanted to know what is stopping them from becoming vegetarian.With regards to the second point, this is another reason why meat eaters should be angrier about this than vegetarians.You guys might be appalled to see animals diseased, decaying, infected – but I'm appalled and I might have This was one of the very first things that struck me after watching the video – how easy it is in our society to completely disconnect from the meat we are eating and the living animal that it once was.This is partly because my close friends are extremely supportive of my veganism, I’m grateful for this and don’t want to rock the boat, and partly because I’m scared – scared of sounding confrontational, preachy, or like I’m judging them in some way (which is the last thing I’d ever want to do – I love my friends to bits, they’re incredible people! And yet, surely, if anyone is going to give me the time for a proper discussion about this, with all stereotypes out of the window (as we already know, like, and respect one another), it should be my friends.

With all this in mind, asking her for a more personal conversation about this subject felt like a risky move, as I might lose my neutrality with her on this issue and consequently lose a most precious sounding board forever!

(Something that just can’t be achieved over a dinner table in a wine-fuelled heated debate…) As it turned out, I needn’t have worried at all about asking her to give me hand with this.

She gave me a hug and said she’d be happy to help, confidently asserting that ‘You shouldn’t hold views that you’re not prepared to defend.’ Some actual dialogue where both sides want to hear what the other has to say.

If we stop funding this cruelty, it will stop happening. 60 billion animals slaughtered every year for food. Why does this video have a different effect on me than it does on them?

My friend is by far one of the most intelligent people I know, someone who I respect and admire, and I wanted to understand her reasons for supporting the meat industry with her hard-earned cash (okay, not too hard earned – we’re both Ph D students, after all! And, above all, I wanted her to be able to be honest and extensive in her answers.

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As one commentator wrote, ‘If it’s good enough for your stomach, it’s good enough for your eyes as far as I’m concerned,’ and I echo that sentiment.

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