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Once a user adds a winger to his or her profile, the winger can swipe through members of the app and match up the user by searching through candidates they have in common.Having wingmen and wingwomen is also a way of eliminating the online dating “creep factor,” said Trainor who added that in many dating apps, scams and fake users are common.

After quizzing some folks on the particulars we started to see how stagnated the online dating industry was.

The user, if they chose, can invite that person to be his or her winger who gives the user the choice of having a wingman or wingwoman view communications with a match (without the match knowing).

This way the user can gain advice from a trusted friend who is connected with the match.

The app’s achievement is due in large part to its opt-in chatting system: Daters can only exchange messages when they’ve mutually pre-approved each others’ profile photos, saving them from reading unsolicited missives from people they want absolutely nothing to do with. As soon as a woman swipes right on a guy who looks up her alley, she’s still liable to get slapped with an unwelcome message like “8==D I love anal.” Tinder’s system ostensibly blocks the cavalcade of creeps by submitting them all to a snap judgment before they’re allowed to open their mouths. Enter Wyldfire, a more curated mobile dating experience that positions women as the gatekeepers to sexual innuendo.

When Wyldfire launches in the coming months, women will be free to join, but men must secure an invite from a female friend in order to start browsing.

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