Indian girls dating american guys

Go to any Indian gym and you’d find dozens of men ogling at that one girl stretching on the side, quietly, trying everything she can to avoid all that attention.They’d stare at her, make her uncomfortable for days, but never have the courage to go and talk to her.And this ridiculous Indian mentality is common knowledge.Women know that most guys hitting on them would never be cool with the idea of the women of their house being with men.They were all sent to co-ed schools, made to sit next to girls, and yet, most of them never had any female friends while growing up.

She’s a woman and women are supposed to be around for men to seek pleasure. What’s worse is that these same men who seek their friends’ help to hook up with hot girls at parties, would never even allow a guy near their own sisters.They find it hard to come to terms with the fact that their girlfriends can be more ambitious, stronger, more successful and famous or earn more than them.The ‘male ego’ is a brittle little thing, it’s true.Remember how, back in school, guys had lunch with only guys, and girls with girls?Remember how guys would prefer being only around guys?

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Of course, a man who sees her as a trophy wouldn’t respect a simple ‘No’.

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