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In this case, we will send the contact information within 48 hours after the event, with contacts of people who also chose you.Meet lots of beautiful people from all over Russia in one central location in Moscow.At the end of each date, we play our gingle, and all men move on to the next date.Add 1 to the number of your current table and move on to the next date.During the speed dating event, you network with English-speaking professionals4.Speed Dating is conducted in a comfortable atmosphere of a stylish downtown restaurant near metro station5. The whole speed dating event takes about 2-2,5 hours.2.Then the male participants move on the next table and meet the next date.4.You can either exchange contact information right there at the table or write down the people you liked on the provided card.

Speed Dating events happen twice a week and spaces are limited. Show you Dating Journal to organizers at the end of the event, so we can match participants who are interested in each other.If anyone you chose also chooses you, then the names and contact information of your “matches” will be e-mailed to you.The next table maybe positioned out of direct line of sight.After the dates are over we have disco with fast and slow dances.

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