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Former assistant interior minister Petar Zekovic has been named by several witnesses as the person who coordinated the operation to take the corpses from Kosovo to Batajnica.

Zekovic told BIRN that he was innocent but did not want to comment on the allegations any further.

In a statement to police in 2001, he said he got the money from Djordjevic.

Borisavljevic is currently a senior official at the Serbian interior ministry and during 2006 was briefly head of its war crimes investigation unit.

He is currently on trial for the alleged abuse of public funds during the Milosevic era.

Slobodan Borisavljevic, the former head of Public Security Department chief Vlastimir Djordjevic’s office, was in charge of paying the men who were involved in the removal operation.

, said that it was clear that the Serbian interior ministry was trying to destroy evidence which could have helped the Hague Tribunal prosecute Milosevic and other senior officials.

But most of the Serbian officials accused of involvement have insisted that they are innocent.

“The prosecution was covering up the evidence,” Radoniqi told BIRN.

BIRN asked the prosecution to comment but received no response.

Caslav Golubovic, police chief in the town of Bor Serbian police working group communique, May 25, 2001 Serbian police working group communique, June 26, 2001 Statement by Radomir Markovic, Serbian state security service chief ‘Operational expenses’ for the cover-up operation: 1.

Criminal investigation unit chief Dragan Ilic’s request for funds 2.

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